Tank Pads

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Your bike will look and ride better than ever when you have a Lethal Threat tank pad. Adding a bike tank protector is an investment that pays for itself many times over. The high-performance vinyl and 3D resin prevent the paint from fading, scratching or scuffing. After all, no one likes repainting the entire tank just because of a stray belt buckle or flying gravel. Tank protectors also give you better grip and control when you're riding so you can be more aggressive. Add in vibrant designs that are printed with fade-resistant ink and you have an accessory that really is made for speed just like you.

LethalThreat.com has dozens  sport bike motorcycle tank pads to put the finishing touch on your bike. Cover the gas tank with classic skulls, your favorite rock / metal band, zombies, bright chrome colors or something else our creative team has come up with. If you like how the tank looks as-is, a clear tank pad will keep it that way. We have triangular, X and rounded tank pads in a universal size that fits most modern motorcycles. Watch our video above to learn more about these protective pads that keep your two wheels looking sharp for life.