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Car Accessories from Lethal Threat rev up your car's personality. Show your daring side with skull danglers for the rearview mirror and patriotic plates for those receding in it. Our collection of handcrafted accessories for cars and trucks brings Kustomized attitude to the road.

Devilish Danglers

Car culture has always dazzled us. From 1920s jalopies that dangled raccoon tails on the front window to the sweet classics of the 1950s with fuzzy dice dangling from the rearview mirror, gearheads love to personalize our rides. Car rearview mirror danglers let you make a strong statement without damaging your cherry paint job or making a huge commitment.

Our collection of car rearview mirror danglers put a 3D spin on car culture. From a lecherous top-hatted wolf to a madly mischievous spark plug to a Girl Skull who's not exactly sugar and spice, they've created something for every hot rod-loving, Kustom Kulture-digging, gearhead-grinding guy out there.

Eagle Eyed

When you want everyone on the road to know where you stand, say it with plates. Lethal Threat has your tail covered with high-quality metal plates made to take the heat - and the cold, rain, snow and mud. Our full-size Freedom Is Never Free Plate looks equally proud on your truck's bumper or your man cave wall.

Completely Custom

Go all in on your ride with accessories from Lethal Threat. The rearview mirror danglers and vanity plates in our collection are designed to go with all our other cool component upgrades, like our highly detailed Shift Knobs that come with a peel and stick display stand so they can dress up your gear shift, dashboard, console and more. Choose danglers and shift knobs that match for a strong gearhead statement, or mix it up with evil clowns, skulls and Grim Reapers that tell your unique story. Top it all off with a high-quality paper Air Freshener that brings together killer artwork in a full-color two-sided print and the smell of a brand-new car for a truly sweet ride.