V-Twin Skull Metal Hitch Plug

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V-Twin Skull Metal Hitch Plug

You have the badass truck. You've got the V-twin bike, or some worthy substitute.

But do you have the killer hitch plug to stand out from the rest? We got your back with our new heavy-duty metal hitch plugs bearing designs only found here.

Our V-Twin Skull Metal Trailer Hitch Plug pays homage to motorcycles with their cylinders set in a classic V-angle. Fellow motorcycle rider connoisseurs will fully understand the connection when they see this hitch, no matter what you tow behind your truck. This metal hitch is built to last too, so you'll make a lasting impression..

  • Fabricated from black iron
  • Plasma cut to the shape of our Lethal Threat art on a CNC plasma cutter
  • Hand assembled, hand polished, spray painted with metal cast paints and sprayed again with an automotive clear coat
  • Fits two-inch trailer hitch receiver
  • Handmade in the U.S.
  • Six-inch welded hitch with two adjustment points
  • Unsurpassed detail, weight and labor go into each hitch
  • Size: 7 inches x 7 inches

Please note: This hitch does not come with a locking pin.

V-Twin Skull Metal Hitch Plug
V-Twin Skull Metal Hitch Plug
V-Twin Skull Metal Hitch Plug
V-Twin Skull Metal Hitch Plug