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Whether you're riding your motorcycle, hanging out in the garage or heading for a night of partying, you'll be rocking the scene in a Lethal Threat mechanic jacket. Our vintage mechanic jackets treat you to a classic design blessed with the Lethal Threat touch. That touch, of course, is our original artwork, which transforms an average jacket into an extraordinary jacket. See for yourself.

Choose from vintage mechanic jackets with different designs. Each jacket features intricate embroidery across the full back, with additional artwork on the sleeves and front chest area. As with all our other clothing, the embroidery on our jackets is done with excruciating detail. You'll be turning heads and looking badass without even trying.

While the Lethal Threat artwork is one of the top selling points of our mechanic jackets, it's not the only one. Heavyweight cotton fabric makes the jackets rugged, durable and ready for any kind of action you plan to throw their way. You get two front welt pockets, a fully lined interior and stain-resistant coating that helps keep you looking fresh.

Our mechanic jackets get even more pizazz with additional details. Enjoy custom Lethal Threat zipper pulls on the front and pocket zippers, along with button cuffs and side gussets for a badass finished look.

Don't forget that our jackets function as well as the look. The lengthened sleeves make them a good choice for riding with full arm protection, while true-to-size fit ensures the rest of your body is also covered with a heavyweight, durable protective layer. These mechanic jackets aren't just for riding, either. They fit right in with the kustom kuture, rock 'n' roll, hot rod and tattoo lifestyle. No one ever goes wrong with the awesome styles you'll find at Lethal Threat. Shop our selection of embroidered mechanic jackets today.