Air Fresheners

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Paper Air Fresheners from Lethal Threat clear the air with badass artwork. Hang one in your hot rod, your garage or your man cave for good scents and serious style.

Get the Funk Out

Sometimes life stinks. When the rent's due, your boss is unbearable and the clutch on your bike just took a dump, you probably feel like making a huge stink about your 99 problems. And trying to catch your breath in a garage that reeks of gasoline or a stuffy man cave will not make anything better.

Get the funk out with custom die-cut hanging paper air fresheners from Lethal Threat's collection. They smell like a brand-new ride, look like seriously killer artwork and cost less than most spark plugs.

Get Fresh

The paper air fresheners at Lethal Threat are no lightweights. They'll rid your car of last night's cigarette smell, clear the air in that musty basement and fend off the bad vibes emanating from the men's room. Hang one anywhere you need a fresh perspective on things and watch the good mojo rise.

Whether you're keeping it fresh in the garage or bringing good scents to poker night in the man cave, our paper air fresheners bring a rock and roll attitude to better breathing.

Go Lethal

Smelling good isn't just for squares, and the paper air fresheners from Lethal Threat are anything but lame. We print these bad boys with graphic artwork that's not pulling any punches. Screaming skulls, evil clowns and the Grim Reaper himself keep it real in two-sided die-cut designs made to fit into your gearhead style. Our Kustom Kulture and metal inspired air fresheners bring sinister sweetness to your hot rod or your home. No one will guess that the fresh air is coming from your Lethal Threat pit bull or manic eyeball - but you're not really trying to impress anyone anyway.