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Skulls are where it's at for bikers, hot rodders, rock 'n' rollers and the kustom kulture crowd - and they're also where it's at in our collection of skull patches. These high-quality embroidered patches can transform any ordinary jacket or vest into an extraordinary one, thanks to eye-catching artwork and a massive array of designs from which to choose.

Opt for the sinister and evil skull patches to remind folks to keep their distance. Choose a more comical skull to throw a sense of humor into the mix. You'll also find thug skulls, grim reaper skulls, sugar skull patches, skulls wearing helmets, skulls and crossbones, and skull patches with savvy sayings. If you're looking for embroidered skull patches, you've just stumbled upon the biggest graveyard of options.

Embroidered Skull Patches

Looking cool isn't all our patches are good for either. Intricate details and unique designs set them apart from the rest of the pack. Every embroidered patch takes three hours of embroidery machine time to make. Each one also features a high thread count, a durable black felt backing and two different ways to attach them.

The patches are laser-cut to match the outline of the design, but they always have a wide enough black border for easy sewing onto your leather jacket or vest. If you're looking to iron them on denim or cotton, heat-seal backing makes it easy to iron them right on. Premium adhesive keeps them secure for the long haul, even outside in the toughest environments.

Skull Patches for a Killer Statement

Whether you've long been a fan of skulls, or are searching for something cool to make a personal statement, our skull patches won't let you down. Stick with one or go for a whole batch of them. We always say the more, the merrier - especially when it comes to skull patches. Check out our fantastic array of skull patches today.