Sinister & Evil

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Sometimes a zombie says it all. Or perhaps a monster, sinister skull or other evil creature, all of which you can find in our sinister and evil decal collection. In addition to creepy creatures, you'll find evil vinyl decals of all shapes, sizes and sorts that make a blood-curdling statement. Which, if you ask us, is one of the coolest statements to make.

It takes a certain type to appreciate our horror car decals, and those types are found in all kinds of crowds. The biker crowd tends to have its fair share of cutting-edge statement makers, as do rock 'n' rollers, hot rodders, the tattoo crew and those in the kustom kulture crowd.

Horror Decals Designed to Last

The amazing artwork is the most eye-catching thing about our decals, but that's not the only thing that makes them the perfect pick. Every decal we sell is created using a top-notch screen-printing process that results in vivid colors and sharp, crisp lines. Because they're designed for use on cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, our decals have an outdoor lifespan of five years.

That's tons of time to get your message across. And feel free to change them out as frequently as you wish. Although our decals stick and stick for years, they're incredibly easy to remove when you're done. Just pick up an edge with your fingernail and peel them right off.

Applying our horror decals is just as easy. No soapy water required. All you need is a clean, dry surface. Place the decal in its desired spot, push out any air bubbles from the center, and your car or bike just got a brand-new look.

Evil Vinyl Decals for Anywhere

While we often call them horror car decals, you can use these stickers just about anywhere. Some are cut to fit specific motorcycle parts, while others are small enough to put on your helmet or dashboard. Choose a medium size for your equipment, guitar case or storage trunks. Get a huge one to customize those boring walls inside your garage. The options are only limited by your imagination. And if you're looking at horror decals in the first place, we know your imagination is a good one.