Killer Clown Ax Decal

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Killer Clown Ax Decal

Order a set of these gruesomely vibrant Killer Clown Ax Decals and scare the bejesus out of friends and strangers too. Once you slap these evil-looking tricksters - either holding an ax or bomb behind his back - to a clean, smooth surface, you'll leave no doubt about your edgy attitude in the minds of your best buds, close family and anyone who sees it.

Our demonic, devil-horned joker, clad in prison jumpsuit black and white, beckons people closer for a "gentle" surprise, which is either a big KABOOM or a bloody ax-wielding chop to the skull.

 - Easy Peel 'n Stick Application with no soapy water required. The surface must be dry and clean and once the decal is stuck on desired location, rub from the center out to remove any air bubbles. Once it's applied, it can only be removed by peeling it off with a fingernail.

- Killer artwork from Lethal Threat, offering the largest selection of decals on the planet

- Screen printed with fade-resistant inks for outdoor use

- Printed on clear vinyl

- Die-cut to the exact shape of the design

- Made in the U.S.

- Decal size varies, but average size is 4.75 inches wide x 7 inches tall

- Contains three decals

- Apply to glass, fiberglass, plastic, metals, wood: any smooth clean surface

- We offer no guarantee of your results if you clear coat over our stickers