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The Skateboards at Lethal Threat inspire a new generation of badass style. Sporting sick decks and killer tattoo artwork, these high-quality, affordable boards make catching air and dropping in look like a walk in the skatepark.

Sick Decks

The skateboards at Lethal Threat are sick. These airbrushed decks bring all their gorgeous tattoo gusto with new Lethal designs. Sinister skulls, evil jesters and bloody zombies take on punk rock stature in the artwork on our sick decks. Add to that some graphic gearhead details like black and white checkered designs, stylized lettering and over-the-top colors for cool chaos that play up the dark side.

Get a Grip

Craftsmanship is the new black. From your favorite tattoo artist to the guy who pimped out your chrome, you know good work when you see it. One look at Lethal Threat's skateboards will tell you you're dealing with quality. From the Canadian maple decks to the solid construction trucks to the durable polyurethane wheels, everything about our boards is made for getting stoked and landing tricks. Our high-quality and graphic skateboards are the perfect gift for any young kid looking to get into the skater scene.

Whether it's for your favorite niece or nephew or your grandkid's graduation, the skateboards at Lethal Threat make excellent gifts that are ready to roll.

Poseur vs. Skater

Even if you've never landed a gnarly flip or caught air on a vert ramp - or if it's been a hundred years since your kicks kissed grip tape - you can still rock the skater lifestyle. Skateboards from Lethal Threat look just as killer mounted on the walls of a man cave or leaning against monster woofers in the garage as they do on the halfpipe. Gift one to the young person in your life who's just beginning their tech dog journey - or buy one for yourself to revisit your glory days.