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Tired of your jacket or vest looking like every other jacket or vest out there? We got the fix. Not only to be noticed and seen, but to unleash your wild side. Do it with our fierce and furious animal patches. Our embroidered patches are the perfect pick for your motorcycle jacket, vest, denim, bag or anywhere else that needs to showcase the face of a snarling beast.

Okay, so not all our animal patches are snarling, but they are all eye-catching. Some are retro, channeling the classic biker imagery from the 1960s and '70s. Others have a more modern edge. Whichever animal patch you choose, you'll be making a badass statement that can't be missed.

Embroidered Animal Patches

Highly detailed embroidery is easily the top selling point of our patch designs. More than three hours of embroidery machine time goes into their making. The back features a durable black felt fabric, making it ready for action no matter how you want to wear it.

A wide black border around the detailed artwork gives you an easy way to sew it on to your leather. The heat-seal glue backing makes it easy for iron-application for denim or cotton. Iron them on, and you get premium bonding agents that ensure they don't peel off when you're speeding down the highway, or doing whatever else you do.

Animal Patches to Stand Out from the Pack

With the detailed designs and high-quality materials, our animal patches are you're sure to get noticed. Maybe even worshipped. Alright, that may be going a bit too far. But you never know. All kinds of cool things can happen when you're decked out with a powerful beast on your back, front, bag or backpack.

Unleash your inner beast today. Grab your favorite animal patch (or five). They're right here waiting for you.