Key Chains

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Key Chains from Lethal Threat let your Kustom Kulture attitude off the chain. We bring tattoo style and grave-digging details to these 3D sculpted and hand-painted Key Chains for all the bikers, hot rodders and gearheads in your life.

Skeleton Keys

We've carved up a new crop of solid polyresin sculpted and hand-painted 3D skulls to add a deadly touch to your keys. Like fingerprints, no two skulls are exactly alike, so we've included a skull for every macabre taste in our Key Chain Collection.

From the purest simplicity of the hyper-real Bone Skull Key Chain to the sweetly flowered and feminine Sugar Skull that evokes La Dia de Muertos, from the patriotic USA Skull Key Chain to the bearded Back Off Skull Head, we've got a full boneyard of cranial creations to choose from.

Don't Fear the Reaper

You know life is short. That's why you grab it by the steering wheel and stare right into the Grim Reaper's eyes without fear every day. Show off your no-fear attitude with a Grim Reaper 3D Key Chain watching over your keys. This bad boy makes a statement before you say a word. Or embrace the mystery of the undead with our Zombie Key Chain that's hand-painted with ghoulish details and a brain-seeking stare.

Grave Gearheads

Show your gearhead friends you understand the garage life with 3D Key Chains from Lethal Threat that speak their language. Mr. Sparky symbolizes how you have to be a little crazy to love the road the way gearheads do. And our cheeky Flying Eyeball Key Chain is the perfect gift for anyone with a biological need for speed. Whether it's for your favorite biker, mechanic, hot rodder, driver or punk rocker, a sculpted and individually hand-painted 3D Key Chain is the gift that never stops giving serious attitude to the world.