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Give a thumbs-up to the Second Amendment - and powerful style to your gear - with our collection of guns and weapons patches. While guns are one of the most popular designs in our lineup, you may also find a dangerous selection of daggers, drop bombs and other explosives. Perhaps a grim reaper or two. We're big on adding new designs when we got 'em, and even bigger on stocking up on the patches you need to make your own statement.

Embroidered Guns and Weapons Patches

You know it. Not all guns and weapons are created equal. Not even close. The same holds true for guns and weapons patches. Our embroidered patches stand out from the rest of the arsenal, thanks to the excruciating details. A high thread count, coupled with more than three hours of embroidery machine time, makes our biker and hot rod patches true works of art.

Heck, they're so cool you might even want to put them under glass. But it's even cooler to wear them. With a durable felt fabric back and acute attention to detail, our patches are designed to last. You also get to pick how you want to attach them. A thicker black border around the artwork gives you room to sew them on leather. The premium bonding agent in the heat-seal glue backing lets you iron them on cotton or denim.

Gun and Weapons Patches Make Obvious Statement

Whether you don't want to be bothered, or you want your jacket, vest or bag to make an obvious statement, these patches give you just the ammo you need. With skulls, reapers, flames, wings and other details giving each piece of art an extra edge, you'll hit the target for renegade every time. So, make sure you're locked and loaded to get your point across. The point? Don't even try it. Stock up on our guns and weapon patches today.