3D Emblems

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3D Emblems from Lethal Threat are the cool graphics that customize your life. Stick these sick decals on your motorcycle, car, truck, toolbox, locker, mirror - any flat surface gets custom style with our self-sticking, skull-cracking, weather-defying 3D Emblems.

Custom Ride

Everyone should have a custom ride. But not everyone can afford custom chrome pipes and hand-stitched leather. Whatever. Custom is about attitude, not ATM balance. That's where Lethal Threat 3D Emblems really fit the bill.

Our high-quality self-sticking 3D decals are made from polyresin materials and inks that stand up to the long haul. We've designed them with the road in mind, so they're tough enough to customize your motorcycle's fuel tank, your car's front quarter panel or the hood of your pickup. Get the custom ride you crave in minutes when you peel and stick these sick decals wherever your attitude dictates.

Skulls, Crosses and Zombies - Oh My!

The Kustom Kulture lifestyle is all about doing your own thing. That's why we created a great selection of 3D Emblems to suit almost any tattoo taste. From letting a Jesus Cross be your co-pilot to flying with Eagle Flames to flipping the bird at Death with skulls of every imaginable sort, we've included decal choices to scream about. Some are the size of a quarter for ghoulish details that draw the flies in. Others are big enough to speak your truth from three lanes over. The point is that you create the custom look you want with manifested madness designed to look good to impress nobody.

Beyond Your Wheels

We know you're more than your wheels. We call these vehicle emblems, but they're also awesome at customizing all the other hard surfaces in your life. Stick a Skull Piston on your toolbox, an Evil Clown on your bedroom door or a grimacing Gorilla on your mirror - just to remind yourself that you are a force to be reckoned with. The 3D Emblems from Lethal Threat bring your tattoo, gearhead, Kustom Kulture style to life just about anywhere.