Gorilla Head Peel n Stick ABS Emblem

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Gorilla Head Peel n Stick ABS Emblem

Looking for a more Factory / Original Equipment look for your vehicle?  Check out our ABS hard plastic peel n stick emblems.   The 3-Dimensional raised look, matches the look of an badge or emblem that came with your vehicle.  Our Lethal Threat ABS emblems give your ride that added cool factor that was missed by the factory.

- Black base and chrome raised art accents

- Easy peel n stick application

- This emblem is 3.25 inches wide x 4.25 inches tall x 0.25 inches thick

- Designed for indoor and outdoor use

- Molded to the shape of the design

- Perfect for vehicles, boats, tool boxes, or just about any smooth flat surface

Who doesn't like to customize their ride with badass graphics? We say no one. That's why everyone needs to get the gorilla motorcycle emblem. Our high-quality emblems aren't just for bikes either. They're vehicle emblems you can stick on your car, your truck, your anything. They even look good on toolboxes, mirrors and bedroom doors.

Our stick-on gorilla decal is particularly bad ass, thanks to his mighty scowl, snazzy bandana and two pointed teeth jutting up from his bottom jaw. High-quality materials and inks are all part of the process, ensuring this guy holds up to wear, tear and the weather to keep scowling for the long haul.

While Lethal Threat has a wide range of biker emblems, the gorilla is definitely for you if you are strong, furious and have a reputation that makes people scoot on out of your way. Fast. Make a statement without even trying. Order your gorilla motorcycle emblem today.

Gorilla Head Peel n Stick ABS Emblem
Gorilla Head Peel n Stick ABS Emblem
Gorilla Head Peel n Stick ABS Emblem