Black Tactical Skull Set Peel n Stick ABS Emblems

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Part #: CE78060

Black Tactical Skull Set Peel n Stick ABS Emblems

Add that stealth look to your ride!  Flat Black Bio Mechanical Skull Set allow you a sleek way to customize your vehicle from cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, just about any place you want to add a custom look.

Looking for a more Factory / Original Equipment look for your vehicle?  Check out our ABS hard plastic peel n stick emblems.   The 3-Dimensional raised look matches the look of a badge or emblem that came with your vehicle.  Our Lethal Threat ABS emblems give your ride that added cool factor that was missed by the factory.

- Full Chrome Design

- Comes with 2 emblems, left and right

- Easy peel n stick application

- This emblem is 8.25 inches wide x 2 inches tall x 0.25 inches thick

- Designed for indoor and outdoor use

- Molded to the shape of the design

- Perfect for vehicles, boats, toolboxes, or just about any smooth flat surface