LONE WOLF Peel n Stick Abs Emblem

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Product Number: CE78100

LONE WOLF EDITION Peel n Stick Abs Emblem

The perfect emblem to tell the world, you are self-sufficient.  a lone wolf.

Highly detailed wolf 

Unlike a decal, this Lone Wolf Edition are all class.  Super detailed, captures every detail from the pine trees to the detail of the wolf.  Coloring to match all color vehicles.  Give your ride that outdoor look while showing your Lone Wolf style.

Looking for a more Factory / Original Equipment look for your vehicle?  Check out our ABS hard plastic peel n stick emblems.   The 3-Dimensional raised look matches the look of a badge or emblem that came with your vehicle.  Our Lethal Threat ABS emblems give your ride that added cool factor that was missed by the factory.

- Black base, chrome and blue raised accents

- Easy peel n stick application

- Designed for indoor and outdoor use

- Molded to the shape of the design

- Perfect for vehicles, boats, toolboxes, or just about any smooth flat surface

LONE WOLF Peel n Stick Abs Emblem
LONE WOLF Peel n Stick Abs Emblem