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Show off your American pride with just the right pick from our selection of U.S. patriotic patches. Yes, this is where you'll find your American flag patches. You'll also find a wide range of embroidered patches that depict symbols, sayings and the colors associated with the U.S.

One of our hottest designs has long been the U.S. Stars and Stripes Eagle embroidered patch, with an American flag merged with the body and wings of our national bird. U.S. skull patches are another huge hit, with skulls decked out with flag imprints, eagle wings and patriotic colors. Even if skulls or eagles aren't your thing, you'll find a variety of other designs all meant to give a nod to our country.

American Flag Patches

The amazing designs are the most eye-catching thing about our embroidered patches, and with good reason. Each patch takes more than three hours of embroidery machine time to complete. High thread counts, vibrant colors and durable materials all add to the extreme quality. A black felt backing ensures durability, with a heat-seal glue on the back if you want to iron the patch on cotton or denim. If you're looking to attach to leather, each patch features a wide black border around the laser-cut design shape, giving you plenty of room to sew it on your jacket or vest.

American Embroidered Patches for Everyone

A number of the patches in our patriotic collection come in different sizes. That means you can get a big American flag patch across the back and a smaller on the front chest area. Or you can use the patches on backpacks, bags, hats and other accessories. These embroidered patches can go just about anywhere. They're also perfect for bikers, rock 'n' rollers and hot rodders, as well as the tattoo and kustom kulture. In fact, they're perfect for anyone who wants to showcase their support of and pride in the country. Order your U.S. patches now to boast about your patriotism.