Renegade Skull Embroidered Patch

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Embroidered Renegade Skull Biker Patch

Product Number: LT30226

Show off your true fighting spirit with this fierce-looking embroidered renegade Indian chief biker patch. When it comes to large skull biker patches, our feathered chief skull is hyper-intense, perfect for men and women who ride Indian motorcycles.

Iron this wild, high-quality patch into denim gear or sew it onto a leather jacket or vest via the black border. The patch's high stitch count and outstanding bonding agents prevent snagging and peeling, keeping your skull in good shape over the long haul.

The durable original artwork features a skull in a big ole headdress, along with a crossbones motif enhanced by a pair of killer tomahawks. Exquisite details and design make our large patches a must-have that's truly bad to the bone.

  • Patch size: 10 inches by 12.75 inches (25.40 cm by 32.38 cm)
  • Laser-cut to design shape
  • Detailed embroidery - three hours or more of machine time goes into every motorcycle rider patch
  • Sewer friendly patch border (for leather application) and black felt backing fabric
  • Heat seal glue backing for denim or cotton iron-on application
  • Apply to jackets, vests, backpacks, car seat covers, saddlebags and more
  • We recommend sew-on application over iron-on application whenever possible