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There's nothing cooler than style that comes from the streets, rather than designers off in la-la land. And we celebrate that street style right here with our collection of urban patches. This is where you'll find designs inspired by modern culture, smart sayings and everyday life. In short, it's where you'll find the edgy, for-real, funky stuff that sets you apart from the crowd.

While our embroidered urban patches transcend all categories, there are a few groups that are particularly hot on the statement they make. The kustom kulture crowd is one of them, with a keen eye for anything that simply says it like it is. Bikers, rock 'n' rollers and the tattoo crowd are others, although these patches are for anyone with a sense of humor that's as high as their sense of style.

High-Quality Urban Patches

The eye-catching artwork is what you'll notice first about our urban patches, but that's not the only awesome thing about our embroidered masterpieces. Every embroidered patch in all our collections takes three hours on the embroidery machine to make. We pay acute attention to every single detail, from the high-quality threads to the durable felt backing.

You'll also find these patches are meant to last for the long haul. The black felt backing features a premium heat-seal glue that lets you iron the patch on to cotton or denim. If you'd rather sew it on to your favorite leather, each patch has a wide black border to make it easy.

Urban Patches for the Coolest Statement

In addition to jackets and vests, our patches can make an exceptional statement on backpacks, car seat covers, hats or any place else that needs a sweet dash of coolness. So, go ahead and browse our collection to find the urban patch you've been waiting for - even if you didn't even know it. Then snag it before it's gone!