USA Skull Paper Air Freshener 3-Pack

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USA Skull Paper Air Freshener 3-Pack

Bored with the same old air fresheners that been around since the Model T-Ford?  Our philosophy is if you are going to hang something in your ride it should look as good as it smells.  So we came up with designs to appeal to every type of car and truck enthusiast.  If you drive a muscle car, a hot rod, a lifted truck or just your regular day commuter junker,  add some style to your interior with our new limited edition Lethal Threat Air Fresheners.  Not just for vehicles, hang anywhere you have an unwanted odor.   We put together " a menage a trois" for you.  Don't speak French?  It means we are giving you three air fresheners in one pack.  So one for your ride, one for your closet and one for your stinky a$$ bathroom!!  Just a suggestion, hang them where ever!!

- Value 3 Pack, three of the same design per pack

- Die cut to the shape of the design

- New car scent

- Extra long lasting scent

- Art printed on both sides.

- Black elastic hang string

- Each air freshener bagged individually for later use

- Limited edition

USA Skull Paper Air Freshener 3-Pack
USA Skull Paper Air Freshener 3-Pack