Nice Ride Guy and Gal Rubber Ducks

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Nice Ride Guy and Gal Rubber Ducks

The trend that started in Canada is now worldwide!  If you are a Jeep Guy or Gal, you know the deal.  If you are not, next time you see a Jeep you will probably see a bunch of Ducks lining the inside dashboard.  You ask why?   Like Bikers with their motorcycles, Jeep owners like to customize their Jeeps from the minute they buy one.  Big Tires, New Wheels, a Lift Kit, Custom Graphics, you name it they spend more money on their rides then they do on their spouses.  All these custom rides are being noticed and appreciated.  So you see a cool Jeep, now not just for Jeeps, all cars and trucks, you leave a Duck in their door handle.  The owner comes back to his Jeep, He or she just Got Ducked!

We added our Lethal Threat spin to this Duck concept.   Our Nice Ride, Gettn' Ducked pack contains a Guy yellow Duck and a Pink Duck outfitted for four-wheel action!

- Real Rubber Ducks, not a 3D printed fake Duck, ours float!

- Each package contains two Ducks, one Guys Yellow duck with black tires and chrome    wheels, front grill and rear spare tire.   Didn't forget the Gals, A Pink Duck with black tires, chrome wheels, front grill and spare rear tire.

- Each Duck is 2.75in long x 2.5in tall x 2.5in wide

- Sits perfect on any vehicle dash board

- Each Duck comes with a Gettin Ducked Neck Tag

- Super high quality and very detailed.  All colors individually hand painted.

- These are real RUBBER DUCKS, not hard 3D Printed solid plastic ducks without any colors

- Gift Them, Trade Them, Collect Them - just Get Ducked!!


Nice Ride Guy and Gal Rubber Ducks
Nice Ride Guy and Gal Rubber Ducks