Gangsta Babe Rear View Motorcycle Tank Pad / Motorcycle Tank Protector

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Product Number: LT70103

 Gangster Babe Rear View Motorcycle Tank Pad / Motorcycle Tank Protector

Go on, pick up a badass Rear-View Gangsta Babe Tank Pad and Tank Protector, then slap it onto your motorcycle tank to defend against nicks, scratches and belt buckle scuffs. The sexy, scantily-clad gal and cutting-edge tank pad and protector are both rock 'n roll in spirit and exceptionally functional in design.

Customize motorcycles, quads and sports bikes with this high-performance Peel 'n Stick universally-sized vinyl tank protector. Printed with fade-resistant inks, then coated with a 3D resin, our pads will accent a bike's natural build while protecting against wear and tear at the same time.

  • Universal fit motorcycle gas tank protector
  • Comes with four separate parts for puzzle-fit application
  • Main 3D decal: 6 inches x 6.5 inches inches (14.60cm x 15.24cm)
  • Top lower section sticks to gas tank