AC / DC Angus Young Motorcycle Gas Tank Pad / Motorcycle Tank Protector

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Product Number: LT70080

AC / DC Angus Young Motorcycle Gas Tank Pad / Motorcycle Tank Protector

The original founding member , Angus Young, from the legendary Rock Band, AC / DC is depicted here on a one of a kind motorcycle gas tank protector.  Head down the Highway to Hell.  Don't be Shot Down in Flames, pick one up before they are sold out.  Limited stock available,

Customize your Sport bike motorcycle or Quad / Atv's with our cutting edge designs while protecting your gas tank from nicks, scratches, and belt buckle scuffs with our top of the line motorcycle tank pads.

Manufactured from high performance vinyl, printed with fade resistant inks, and coated in a 3D resin, our tank pads compliment the bike’s design while protecting against wear and tear. Easy peel n stick application, our universal size fits more model sport bikes and quads / atv's.

- Universal Fit

- Contains four individual parts to offer a puzzle fit application

- Size is 7.00 inches wide x 8.50 inches tall,  17.78cm wide x 21.59cm tall

- Stick to the top lower part of your gas tank

- Officially Licensed