8-Ball Pin Up Girl Motorcycle Tank Pad / Motorcycle Tank Protector

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Product Number: LT70025

 8-Ball Pin Up Girl Motorcycle Tank Pad / Motorcycle Tank Protector

If you love pool, pin-up girls, motorbikes and quads, you're bound to dig our 8-Ball Pin-Up Girl Motorcycle Tank Pad and Protector. Stick this tank pad and protector onto your motorcycle tank to defend against nicks, scratches and belt buckle scuffs. Once you've got the practical application out of the way, you can then lust after our pad's erotic design, which features a leggy blonde with long, luscious locks. Our lovely pin-up gal, dressed in baby blue lingerie, staddles a large 8-Ball for an added effect.

Customize motorcycles, quads and sport bikes with this high-performance Peel 'n Stick universally-sized vinyl tank protector. Printed with fade-resistant inks, then coated with a 3D resin, our pads accent a bike's design while protecting against wear and tear at the same time. This pad fits most models of sport bikes and quads/ATVs.

  • Universal fit motorcycle gas tank protector
  • Comes with four separate parts for puzzle-fit application
  • Main 3D decal: 7 inches x 8.5 inches (17.78cm x 21.59cm)
  • Top lower section sticks to gas tank