Killer Bee Vintage Patch

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 Killer Bee Embroidered Patch

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact. That's the case with the killer bee mini embroidered patch from Lethal Threat. This little devil measures around 4 inches, but he makes a huge statement no matter where you put him.

The coolest aspect of this mini patch is the artwork, which is done up in retro cartoon style. An angry bee is running with a missile above his head, with the dire warning to just "Buzz Off." Amazing details are captured with high-quality embroidery to look great while making it clear you don't need to impress anyone.

Iron this mini biker patch on to denim, and it stays firmly in place with sturdy adhesive. You can also sew this mini embroidered patch onto your leather jacket, vest or pants. The compact size makes him perfect for smaller areas you don't want to leave boring and blank. Add edge to your clothes instantly with our killer bee mini biker patch. Grab yours today.

4.25in  X 5.75in PACKAGING

3.75in X 4.5in PATCH SIZE

107.95mm x 145.05mm / 95.25mm x 114.3mm