Floral Rose Skull Women's Gloves

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Floral Rose Skull Women's Gloves

Hit the road with hand protection that does its job and speaks to your personal style. Motorcycle gloves are one of those things you need when you're planning to go the distance, and our Lethal Angel Floral Skull Women's Gloves are specifically built for bikers.

Unlined, non-insulated construction feels featherweight and barely there. Don't be deceived: delivering protection your hands require for most longer journeys, this pair has your hi-octane needs covered with reinforced palms for strength and durability, silicone printing on the fingertips for an anti-slip grip and stretchable, breathable fabric that adds a layer in all kinds of conditions . Adding to the overall feel, adjustable wrist Velcro straps make them seem more like a second skin than a piece of clothing. Beyond the practical aspects, a design of skulls and flowers is inspired by custom motorcycle paint jobs.

While these gloves deliver what a motorcycle rider expects, they're suitable as a multipurpose hand-protection solution. Slip them on

for driving or working out in the gym or going for a ride on a bicycle. They also will protect your hands and help you get a grip for all kinds of manual labor or just doing chores around the house.



- Reinforced palm

- Silicone printing on the fingertips for anti-slip grip

- Stretchable and breathable fabric

- Adjustable wrist Velcro strap

- Vibrant sublimation printed graphics

- Not insulated or lined. Light weight.

- Available sizes - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Floral Rose Skull Women's Gloves
Floral Rose Skull Women's Gloves