Lethal Threat \ Indian Larry 15 Annual Block Party Recap

Did you miss attending the 15th Annual Indian Larry Block Party this past Saturday?  Too bad, because you missed a great day.  After days of rain the prior couple of days, Saturday was a sunny day with temperatures in the low 80’s.  Rain or shine, this event happens anyway.  The official start time was noon, but bikes and people were already there and ready to party by 10am.  Baggers to choppers, old skool to rat rods, every type of bike was on display on the main drag of the event and the neighboring streets.

The Lethal Threat Team arrived at 9am to get our tent set up and display our products.  We rolled out our Lethal Threat bike out of the trailer and set it up in front of our tent.  Instant hit with the patrons of the event.  This was the first time our bike was on display at the Indian Larry event.  I must have demonstrated the air lift suspension and started the bike at least 100 times that day.  Everybody wanted to hear the engine and see the riding stance of the bike when it is not dropped all the way to the floor.

Down the middle of the street, were the event takes place, a 100 of more show bikes are lined up down the center of the street.  While the vendors were setting up, a guy with an old shovelhead bike with sidecar came ripping down the street, hung a quick turn and drove right into a vendor booth set up across from us.  He knocked over a table full of tee shirts and just missed hitting the guy in the booth.  After the shock wore off of what we just saw, everybody started laughing and helped the guy pull the bike out of the booth.  The guy had no hand brakes and a foot brake that wouldn’t stop a bicycle.


Music kicked off at 1pm, with a stage set up at the end of the street.  Non stop music from Hard Core / Punk Bands to Metal done by Judas Priestess, an all female Judas Priest tribute band. 

A new feature this year was a Harley Davidson motorcycle jump over a pyramid of 9000 water bottles and seven motorcycles done by Cole Freeman.  Two ramps were set up one street over from the party, people lined up down both sides of the streets, no barriers.  Just a guy and his bike doing a motorcycle jump down a Brooklyn street, only in New York.  Right after a successful jump and landing,  our attention was now averted to the other end of the street were the East Coastin’ Stunt Crew was burning rubber.  These guys from New Haven, Connecticut do stunts on Harleys that you need to see to believe.  Ending the show with a full burn out cloud of smoke that engulfed the crowd, the New York cops finally had enough and put a halt to their antics.  Everybody left with a smile on their face and rubber soot in their teeth.

After a full day of sun, beers, music and all things motorcycles, the last band of the day played their last note at 9pm.  Vendors started tearing down their set ups in the dark and looking forward to the 16th Indian Larry Block Party for 2019.  We had a friend from Germany, who is a biker, we took to the event.  Her take was that this party blew away any Harley/ Biker event she had been to in Germany.  The raw energy, the freedom of the event and how cool everybody was to each other made her a fan of the Indian Larry Block Party for life.

We had a good day of sales from past and new Lethal Threat customers.  Getting back to our warehouse at midnight, with a 7am start, we all knew we had a good time at an event like no other.  See you next year!!

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