Sugar Skulls Decal Series

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A celebration of the holiday, Día los Muertos, happens every year in Mexico around Halloween. Designs inspired by this festival make the perfect sticker pack for those of you who love sugar skulls.

-See second slide for decal measurements

Customize your ride, helmet, toolbox, locker, laptop computer, snow board or skateboard - just about any smooth, clean surface from glass to metal. Make a statement with a Lethal Threat decal!

- Exceptional artwork by Lethal Threat. Comes with two decal sheets, 11 inches x 6 inches each. Kit contains 12 individual stickers with Easy Peel 'n' Stick application. Screen-printed on weather-resistant clear vinyl material die-cut to the exact shape of the design.

- Even though the Sugar Skull Decal Series was created to celebrate the Día los Muertos holiday, you can use them wherever you want whenever you want. They are that cool!

- The coolness comes from the exceptional artwork, with a fine attention to detail and colors in just the right places to turn heads wherever you go. All you need is a hunger for skulls and plenty of stuff to customize. Order your Sugar Skull Decal Series here today.

Sugar Skulls Decal Series
Sugar Skulls Decal Series