Snake Bite Gloves

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Snake Bite Gloves

Our newest set of gloves pack a real punch. There’s been a lack of serpent designs in our catalog for a while, but we’ve fixed that with these new snake gloves. These venomous snakes are just the right amount of gnarly with their bared fangs, but there’s even more to appreciate in the finer details. When you see the intricacies of how the snakes wrap around the skeleton in person, you won’t want to take them off.


• Reinforced Palm

• True to size fit (Men’s)

• Stretchable breathable fabric

• Adjustable Velcro ® wrist strap

• Vibrant sublimation printed graphics

• Touch Screen Finger Tips for use with electronic devices.

• Reinforced palm with Lethal Threat logo print.

Snake Bite Gloves
Snake Bite Gloves