Reaper Gloves

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Reaper Gloves

Let the Grip of Death be in your control with our new badass Reaper Gloves.  This highly detailed, airbrushed style reaper adorns the top part of our new and improved gloves.

These gloves are the perfect driving gloves, be it for car, motorcycle, truck, snowmobile,  boat,  plane, anything you drive that moves.  Perfect for drummers, snowboarders, mechanics the gun range, hunting, for the Gym, anytime you use gloves.  Give the finger in style with our Lethal Threat gloves


• Reinforced Palm

• True to size fit (Men’s)

• Stretchable breathable fabric

• Adjustable Velcro ® wrist strap

• Vibrant sublimation printed graphics

• Touch Screen Fingertips for use with electronic devices.

• Reinforced palm with Lethal Threat logo print.

Reaper Gloves
Reaper Gloves
Reaper Gloves
Reaper Gloves
Reaper Gloves