Choke The Chicken Mini Decal/Sticker

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A Choke the Chicken sticker from Lethal Threat gives you some naughty fowl humor for your gear.

We've heard of hard-ass farm moms who kill their own chickens so they can make some delicious dinner while the menfolk are building fences or plowing fields or whatever. We're not farmers, we don't know. Still, those farm wives take care of it all, from the pluckin' to the fryin'. They need no fancy, hormone-free, organic, deboned, sanitized, packaged poultry parts. They brought that chicken into this world, and they can take it out whenever they damn well want. We don't mess around with farm wives.

But we're not sure they choke a chicken to death for dinner. We're not farmers, but we're pretty sure they chop off the heads with an ax or something like that.

We feel it's important to tell you that this sticker is not about a farm-to-table technique. Instead, this is probably what all the farmin' menfolk are doing instead of plowing fences or building fields or whatever. It's pretty damn funny and will last a lot longer than you after choking your chicken.

  • Easy Peel 'n' Stick Application: No soapy water required, surface must be dry and clean. Once stuck on desired location, rub from the center out to remove any air-bubbles. Once decal is applied, it can be removed only by peeling off with a finger nail.
  • Killer artwork from Lethal Threat, the largest selection of decals on the planet.
  • Screen printed with fade resistant inks for outdoor use.
  • Printed on clear vinyl.
  • Die cut to the exact shape of the design.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Decal size varies, but average size is 2.5-by-3.25 inches. Apply to glass, fiberglass, plastic, metals, wood: Any smooth clean surface
  • We offer no guarantee of your results if you clear coat over our stickers.