OUTDOOR Series Sticker Bomb Pack

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OUTDOOR Series Sticker Bomb Pack

This is the perfect decal kit for all those who appreciate the great outdoors.  This sticker set hits all the marks for you outdoor types.  From Sasquatch stickers to Driving Bears stickers.

14 individual stickers.

Customize your ride, helmet, tool box, locker,  laptop computer, water bottle, cooler, snow board, skateboard, just about any smooth clean surface from glass to metal.  Make a statement with a Lethal Threat decal!

- Exceptional artwork by Lethal Threat

- Easy peel n stick application

- Screen Printed on weather resistant clear vinyl material 

- Die cut to the exact shape of the design

- Screen printed on weather resistant vinyl for outdoor use

- Dishwasher friendly

-For outdoor use

OUTDOOR Series Sticker Bomb Pack
OUTDOOR Series Sticker Bomb Pack