Moonshine Embroidered Patch

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Moonshine Embroidered Patch

It was the catalyst for Nascar racing, and is the fuel of any good time in the smokey mountains, the deep south or anywhere there's a good still; Moonshine is the stuff of legend and since y'all loved it as a decal, we've decided to embroider it and make it a patch you can wear with pride. 

Patch size: 3 inches wide x 5.2 inches tall:  7.62cm x 13.208cm

Laser cut to the shape of the design

Highly detailed embroidery, over three hours of embroidery machine time goes into this patch

Grey felt backing fabric

Sewer friendly patch border for sew on application to leather

Heat seal glue backing for iron-on application for denim or cotton

Apply to jackets, vests, backpacks, car seat covers, saddle bags, etc.

Sew on application is always recommended over iron on application