Canada Skull Decal Series

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Part number - SB37725

Canadian Skull Decal Series.

Designed for our friends up North.  We took some bad ass skulls and ghosted the Canadian flag over the skull, giving you a bad ass design while also showing your patriotism.  We know you Canadians like to keep a low profile  about being Canadian, but you got one of the best countries on the planet.  Love it or Leave it , Eh!

 Customize your ride, helmet, tool box, locker, laptop computer, snow board just about any smooth clean surface from glass to metal.  Make a statement with a Lethal Threat decal!

- Exceptional artwork by Lethal Threat

- Comes with two decal 11in x 6in sheets, 

- Kit contains 5 individual stickers

- Easy peel n stick application

- Screen Printed on weather resistant clear vinyl material 

- Die cut to the exact shape of the design