Parts Unlimited / Drag Specialties Dealer Show, Louisville, Kentucky – Lethal Threat

Parts Unlimited / Drag Specialties Dealer Show, Louisville, Kentucky

– Lethal Threat

This past weekend our Lethal Threat / Lethal Angel booth was set up at the Parts / Drag Dealer show.  Parts Unlimited is the largest motorcycle and power sports accessory distributor in the world.  Go to any motocross event and you will be sure to see Parts Unlimited banners everywhere.  They sponsor most of the top riders and play a major role in the sport.  Drag Specialties is their division that caters to the V-Twin / Cruiser segment of the industry.  Every year in February, the top suppliers of products are invited to display at their dealer show.  This year the show took place at the convention center in Louisville, Kentucky. Each year the show moves to a different location.

The event is not open to the public.   At this show dealers in the motorcycle / atv / snow mobile / motocross and jet ski industry are invited to see the newest gear and parts for the upcoming season.  Orders are placed for the latest and greatest the industry has to offer in time for the spring.  The event takes place over two days.  For us,  this is a great time to meet with all the sales reps that work for Parts / Drag and make them aware of what we have been up to and our new products for 2019.  Most important this is a time we can meet with current dealers of our brands, here their feedback and suggestions. Also an opportunity to find new dealers for Lethal Threat and Lethal Angel.  We are always looking to improve our product offering and build strong relationships with dealers of our products.  So for us, this event is a supper enjoyable weekend to meet old and new friends in the industry.

Here are some highlights of vendors and products on display, and of course plenty of display motorcycles.


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