Motorcycle Super Show, Toronto, Canada Re-cap – Lethal Threat

Last weekend we exhibited at the Motorcycle Super Show in Toronto.  This show is the biggest consumer motorcycle show in all of North America.  So bigger than any show in the U.S.A. or Mexico. With 5 halls of exhibits, vendors, all the major motorcycle manufactures, pin-up show, bike show, live bands, celebrity meet and greets, and motorcycle stunt riders, this show delivered a great time for all who attended.

Canadians know this is the show to find a good deal on everything motorcycle related from bikes to helmets and everything in between.  I never seen so many people walking around with new tires and new helmets.   This crowd was spending money. 

At our Lethal Threat booth we sold out of everything by Saturday afternoon.  Also for Americans, this is a great show to attend due to the stronger US dollar.  On top of the huge discounts offered by the vendors, take another 33% off, with the exchange rate, and you are getting some great deals.

Every type of motorcycle was on display, vintage, custom, antique, and motocross were all represented.  All the new models were on display from Harley Davidson, Indian, Triumph, Kawasaki, BMW and Honda. Consumers had a chance to sit on the bike of their choosing and make a deal on the spot.  I have been to a lot of motorcycle shows around the world, but this one has all the boxes checked for a good time.  The staff of this show was super accommodating to the vendors and every patron who walked through the door. 

Great show, run by a great bunch of guys. 

Don’t miss it next year, always the first weekend in January.   



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