Lethal Threat / You need to be brave to rock and roll.

In the ever-changing world we live in today, the music industry has been one of the aspects of life that has been most affected. The way music is distributed and listened to has been forever changed by the internet.

Gone are the chain record stores where you could discover new bands and artists by finding records or CDs with their music. Most bands now have to handle all aspects of their business, from crafting their songs, coming up with the money to record their music, book and promote their own shows and sell their own merchandise.

It has never been easy to make a living as any kind of artist. That dilemma definitely includes musicians. Now it has become tougher than ever.

It is very hard to sustain a living as a full-time musician. We here at Lethal Threat have always been big fans of all types of music.

That's why we will feature a musician or band from time to time we think you should check out and support. You can do that by listening to their music, sharing it with friends and family and attending their shows.

One such band we would like to highlight is Bull y Los Bufalos.

Bull y Los Bufalos is an international rock band that originated in Spain and is now based in Austin, Texas. Lead singer and founder of the band Diego "Bull" Avello came to our attention after his many purchases of our Lethal Threat apparel.

We reached out to Diego to thank him for his business and see if there was any way we could work together. Having an apparel brand and having a band may seem like we have nothing in common. But in fact we both are always trying to achieve the same goals.

Each of us is always looking to find new customers and fans. We all want to build awareness of our brand or band. We are always striving to reach greater goals.

The journey of building your brand or band comes with many ups and downs. You are bound to run into unexpected events both good and bad.

As with most things in life, persistence pays off. If you don't give up, eventually you will see the fruits of your hard work.

After a phone call with Diego, we found we had a lot in common. We decided to try to help each other out: us with helping him with artwork, him helping to promote our apparel by becoming a brand ambassador.

The music of Bull y Los Bufalos is based on pure rock 'n roll with a subtle Spanish vibe. The band's songs are in English and Spanish, representing a fascinating musical crossover.

The band has christened its sound as "stubborn rock." That name is based on the band's philosophy of never giving up or losing sight of its goals.

This determination has seen the band play at major biker festivals in the United States and Mexico. This group has also performed at NBA basketball games and legendary rock 'n roll clubs such as the Whisky a Go-Go.

On September 3, Bull Y Los Bufalos had two songs featured in the popular Mayans MC television series on FX. It seems like their hard work and determination really are paying off.

Any biker knows that, just like a biker facing a long journey, the road you may follow always has unexpected twists and turns. This was the case for Diego "Bull" Avello.

Starting in a small town in Spain, Diego's love for rock 'n roll would launch a journey throughout Spain, Mexico and now the United States. Having lived life on the road touring and performing for countless years, the band has developed a unique sound and perfected powerful live performances.

As we mentioned earlier, the band now is based in Austin, Texas. Austin is known as a city for music. The yearly South by Southwest festival draws musicians and fans from around the world to showcase their music and discover new musical artists in this Texas university and tech town. Being inspired by Austin, Bull y Los Bufalos created their first album in English, titled "Animal."

There is still a long way to go for the band. They have many more goals to achieve and many new faces to play to. Just like bikers, the journey is what it's all about. They look forward to a long, fun and successful road ahead.

Any road is bound to have a few bumps, detours and other challenges. But we are confident that this group's music will continue to grow as it rides down the difficult road the music world has become. We at Lethal Threat will continue to offer our support for a band that is brave enough to keep rocking.

Be sure to check them out at www.bullylosbufalos.com. Better yet, check them out in November for the live show recording in Austin, Texas.





  • Richard Esparza

    As a neighbor of bull, I know of his story. I am a fan of his music and as you say his bravery. I compliment you of knowing how to pick a winner. In my book y’all are winners. God bless !

  • Eileen Kret

    Your website is stellar and the blog you put out on Bull was simply amazing!

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