Lethal Threat / Yokohama, Japan Hot Rod and Motorcycle Show 2018

Lethal Threat / Yokohama, Japan Hot Rod and Motorcycle Show 2018

One country I would highly recommend for you to visit, at least once in your lifetime, is the land of the rising sun, Japan.  If you are into hot rods and custom motorcycles, then you need to pack your bags and head to Yokohama, Japan for the 27th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, sponsored by Moon Eyes, this coming Sunday, December 2nd.  I was lucky enough to be invited to exhibit at the 25th Anniversary show.  An event with so much packed into a one day show.

The event takes place in Yokohama, a town about an hour drive from Tokyo.  The show is the largest indoor custom-car and motorcycle expo in Japan.  It is also one of the most popular shows worldwide with visitors from all over the world attending.  The event features cars and motorcycles from around the world, a swap meet, vendors, Kustom Kulture artists, a pin-up girl contest, bands, pinstripers  and tattoo artists. For me, this one of the best shows I have ever been to.


There is a huge following for custom American hot rods and motorcycle culture in Japan.  At this event always new innovations and products related to motorcycles and hot rods, not seen in the USA or Europe, are always introduced in the builds at this show.  The Japanese have a reputation of being very meticulous with every build they make.  Every attention to detail goes into all the rolling pieces of art that are driven into the arena at the start of the show.  Fans arrive first thing in the morning to see all the cars and bikes parade into the expo center. Also custom motorcycles from other parts of Asia are shipped over to this show.  Many bikes form Indonesia and Korea, along with the United States are on exhibit alongside the Japanese custom builds.

The Japanese builders and artists have a really unique twist on the Kustom Kulture scene.  New trends that start at this show, make their way to the west years later.  For the last couple of years, bikers in Japan, were wearing prison striped pants and jackets while riding, I am now starting to see these pants for sale in Europe. 

Japan is really a unique country. The people are incredibly friendly and polite, so much history and culture, and a really beautiful country.  The train / subway system is very easy to navigate with guide maps in every language, showing all the attractions at every stop.  You won’t get lost, and most young people speak English and will always offer there assistance if you look lost.   


Where else in the world can you dress up as your favorite Mario video game character and drive Mario style go carts in the streets of Tokyo.  Also a must see is the Robot Show, a crazy show of lights, sounds and robots that is unique to the Japanese experience.  

While in Tokyo, you must visit the Harajuku area to see all the hip, crazy fashion trends being worn by Japanese youth that eventually will make it here in a toned down version.

I can’t say enough positive things about Japan.   I hope to get there for the show next year.  Lot of of 3D sculpted items were done by Japanese artist, Takeo Tsuhara from Dragon Graphix / Meteora Toyz for us. He will have a booth at the show, check him out.

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