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Since I was a kid, I was always into stickers. Little did I know that 20 or so years later I would start a sticker company.

You see, here at Lethal Threat, we are more than just a business. We do what we love for a living. When you do what you like as an occupation, you're getting paid to do what you would be doing anyway. That makes us really lucky.

For me, it was always about stickers with cool art or designs. I never stuck them anywhere. Instead of putting them on something, I just collected them, keeping a pile in a shoebox.

Now that shoebox has turned into a warehouse full of stickers. Over a million sticker sales later worldwide, my friends and family still get a kick out of pointing out a Lethal Threat sticker on a car, motorcycle or snowmobile. They also see them on hard hats, toolboxes and sometimes even on guitars of famous rock bands such as Guns N Roses. There are countless places where customers have placed our stickers

Maybe our real love of decal art and our authentic interest in it is part of the reason our stickers have become so popular around the U.S. and even the world. Still to this day, we remain true to our roots. It is all about good art being reproduced on the best quality sticker materials.

Stickers and decals have been around for a long time - far longer than many people think. No matter your age, I am sure you can remember seeing stickers in your youth.

So when did stickers as we know them first come about? Read on for a brief history of stickers and decals and how they added affordable, mobile expression and art to the world.

In 1839, a European named Sir Rowland Hill invented the first self-adhesive postage stamp. The printing was done on a lithograph printing machine invented 60 years earlier.

So you can say the stamp was really the first sticker invented. It just required you to lick or wet the backing for the adhesive to work.

In the 1930s, R. Stanton Avery invented what we know today as a sticker. He called his new invention a pressure-sensitive label.

These stickers were revolutionary for business and home use. They could be precut for ease of use and did not require licking or wetting. That was especially useful in a variety of industrial applications. Imagine having to lick the stickers on a million jars if you worked in a peanut butter factory! Avery's early stickers were quickly adopted by businesses for everything from beer bottle labels to factory warning safety labels. You can still see the Avery name on modern business labels and products.

Shortly before World War II, labels began gaining popularity as car bumper stickers. They provided a cheap, easy way for political candidates to give their supporters a chance to show their backing and to get name recognition.

As you might suspect, ethics and morals were sometimes stretched in the political realm. Many of these bumper stickers were put on vehicles at night without the permission of the car owner. So your first guerilla marketing campaigns used stickers.

Another common and slightly questionable tactic took place in the tourism industry. While you visited a tourist attraction, a team of teenagers working for the attraction would roam the parking lot, applying stickers to every car bumper they came across. Imagine that if today you came out of, say, Disneyland and you had an "I visited Disneyland" sticker stuck on your car. Would you be pissed off or happy to provide some free advertising?

Over the decades, printing advances in inks and substrates improved dramatically. Those improvements allowed for close to perfect photo-like printing production.

Everyday use of stickers became commonplace in commerce. Products ranging from items in the grocery store aisle to appliances in the kitchen bore them. The sticker and label business has grown into a multi-billion dollar business annually.

Our goal for our Lethal Threat stickers is to offer great quality artwork, reproduced as a quality sticker, at an affordable price that will complement the item you stick it on. All our stickers are die-cut to the shape of the design. That means they provide an exact fit. Once applied, they give the surface they cover the look of a hand-painted piece of art.

We release exciting new stickers every couple of months. Lethal Threat stickers are available in every major automotive accessories chain across the U.S. and Canada.

You can also order them directly on our secure website. We offer fast shipping and exceptional customer service.

From the millions of happy customers of our stickers for last 30 years we must be doing something right, thank you!!!!
We always welcome our customers photos of our products, so tag us on Instagram pages @lethalthreat_designs and @lethalangel_brand or share it with us on our Facebook pages.
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