Lethal Threat \ A Lethal Angel in a Monster Truck!

A Lethal Angel in a Monster Truck!


Couple of years ago, while exhibiting at the SEMA Show, a Father and Daughter came into our booth and liked what our brands are all about.  Macey and her Father, Joe, told us that they have a Monster Truck that they both drive and asked if Lethal Threat would be interested in sponsoring them.  Macey embodies everything our Lethal Angel brand represents:  a strong, confident girl that can do anything a man can and a whole lot better.  So the answer was yes, we are interested.  After a couple of e-mails and phone calls back and forth, we all felt confident this was a good fit.  Since we are known for our art the first step would be design new graphics for their current truck, named Stomper.  The only request they made of us was to incorporate the original name Stomper into the graphic.

Macey is a one of only a handful of young girls who drives a Monster Trucks professionally. She has a busy schedule of attending collage for a career as a radiologic technologist and driving a Monster Truck in between her school obligations.  With the guidance of her Father, Joe, Macey started driving a Monster Truck at the age of 16.  Joe has been driving Monster Trucks for close to 30 years.  Handling a truck that flies over 20 feet into the air and drives at speeds up to 75mph is a sport not for wimps.  Flips and spills are also part of the wild ride.   This Father and Daughter team are really something else.

So with the slogan form Macey that “She was out for blood” this year to prove to the competition that a girl can deliver the same thrills just as good as any other Monster Truck Driver, we knew we needed a bad ass design for the truck.  Having her career in the field of radiology, skulls and bones were fine with her.  After getting photos of the actual truck from all angles, we started to design the graphics from our Yonkers, New York office. 

Not having the actual vehicle available to us is sometimes tricky to get the sizing and graphics just right.  The truck is based in Kentucky.   When designing a vehicle wrap, step one is coming up with a main theme and design element.  Our Ripping Skull was the first image that came to mind to use, from there we built up the rest of the design and worked up the graphics from all sides of the truck including the hood and roof.  After settling on the final design we showed Macey and Joe what we came up with.  To say they were blown away is an understatement.  The final art was sent to Bob at Bremm’s Vinyl Graphics in Kentucky.  Bob did a killer job reproducing our art onto vinyl and wrapped the entire truck.  A fantastic end result.

We created crew shirts, for the team, that incorporate the same graphics that are on the truck.  The Lethal Threat Stomper Monster Truck is on tour now throughout the South and Mid-West of the United States.  We wish Macey and Joe all the success for this season and hope to work with the both of them for many years.  It is a real thrill for us.



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