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I’m sure this comes as a big surprise to you, but here at Lethal Threat, we think motorcycles are pretty cool. I know, shocking right? Jokes aside, our passion for motorcycles and everything related to them is massive. If you’re reading this right now, chances are you understand exactly what we’re talking about. A good motorcycle can be like an extension of your soul, but what defines “good” is going to depend entirely on you. Are you a speed freak like us? Do you like to ride low? These and so many more questions are going to need to be answered in order to know which motorcycle is right for you. Today, we are going to go through some of the different kinds of motorcycles out there; whether you’re a seasoned rider, or picking up a motorcycle for the first time, we hope that it helps you narrow the selection down.

The first type that we should talk about is the street style motorcycle, a perfect motorcycle for those who like to ride locally. This is going to be the most obvious choice for newcomers, but there is still plenty that someone with more experience can get out of them due to their reliability and simplicity. The street style motorcycle is a jack of all trades, master of none kind of motorcycle, in the sense that it’s suitable for most purposes, but likely isn’t going to be the fastest, toughest, or most unique. Still, it’s a customizable motorcycle. There’s a lot of variation when it comes to engine power, you can swap out the seat, and it can fit whatever luggage you could want. They don’t often come with any fairing to speak of, but when they do, it’s going to be small and unobtrusive. The main reason that the street style is so good for beginners is in the ergonomics. They don’t lean heavy in any one direction, and have a short to mid-height seat. In layman’s terms, it’ll be easier not to fall on your ass with this one. 


For the more experienced speed demons out there, we have the sport motorcycle. This motorcycle is designed to be as fast as possible, with a lightweight body compared to other motorcycle. Unlike a motorcycle designed for casual riding, these are entirely performance driven, so customization isn’t quite as versatile, but there are still a few accessories that can be added without interfering with the motorcycle’s purpose. The sky's the limit for how fast you can go in a sports motorcycle. The seats are on the higher end so you can lean farther without scraping anything, and weight is shifted to the front to make high speed turns easier. This motorcycle is one of the most maneuverable, but also one of the most dangerous in the wrong hands, which is why we recommend that you know what you’re doing if you pick one up. For those who like going offroad but still want something sporty, look into dual sport motorcycles — they are similar, but with increased suspension and slightly less intensity.


Next up is a touring motorcycle. These motorcycles are decked out for long cross-country rides, with plenty of storage, and ergonomics designed to make riding for hours simple and efficient (with the widest, comfiest seats). Fairing plays a big role in touring motorcycles because they’re designed for long travel. You can expect the fairing to be large, with a big windshield to block out weather hazards and anything else that could get in your way. Engines are also usually on the larger side with these to accommodate all the luggage and long days. Motorcycle like these are especially great for an experienced rider traveling with a group, but these are reliable if you just want to travel solo too. For shorter trips, there are actually hybrid motorcycle with the sport, with mid size engines and less storage space than the standard touring motorcycle. These hybrids are the perfect motorcycles for people who travel on weekends, and aren’t looking for something quite as big.


The full off-road motorcycle is for the lovers of the great outdoors. If you live nearby a woodsy area or park and want to ride through it, this is the motorcycle for you. With high suspension and elevated seating, you’ll be able to ride these across all manner of rough terrain without an issue. Fairing on a motorcycle like this isn’t necessary, but you can expect some of them to have something there to stop dirt from flying into your face. Unlike the dual sport, off-road motorcycles usually lack turn signals, lights, and other staples of a road vehicle, so you’ll likely want to keep these off of the highway unless you want a ticket.


Now onto our favorite motorcycle, the chopper. Officially known as a cruiser, these are some of the most versatile motorcycles out there. Cruisers ride low to the ground, and really live up to their name because of it. Because of that low height seating, this is a motorcycle that’s perfect for casual use, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put them to the test. These babies are incredibly customizable, with engines that range even wider than the standard motorcycle but with the same level of luggage space. There’s something about a chopper that feels like everything that we want a motorcycle to feel like when we’re riding it. Large fairing isn’t something associated with these, but you can certainly find some variation there. It might just be the fact that the Harley Davidson Low Rider (one of the most famous motorcycles worldwide) is a chopper, but even so, doesn’t that just prove that we aren’t alone on this one?

If all these seem kind of overwhelming, there are also mopeds and scooters. Now, I’m sure some folks will tell you that these “aren’t real motorcycles” or something like that, and while they definitely lack the power of the previous offerings, we don’t subscribe to that kind of gatekeeping here. They are a perfectly legitimate way of traveling around, especially in a city or more crowded area. Both are incredibly lightweight, and have easy maneuverability. Mopeds in particular are becoming increasingly rare in the modern day, giving the vehicle a sense of retro personality.

That about sums up motorcycles in all their forms. Ideally, you now have a better idea of what you’re looking for or feel encouraged to do some more research on your own. If any of these grabbed your attention, be sure to look into different brands of motorcycle too, because there are so many with different and exciting things to offer. All in all, we love every single motorcycle under the sun, and just want to share it. Hopefully, reading this rubbed some of it off onto you.

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