Apparel Photo Shoot in Vancouver, B.C. – Lethal Threat

Apparel Photo Shoot in Vancouver, B.C.  – Lethal Threat

Having a business for a long time you meet all types of people.  Some proposing deals or ideas that seldom pan out, but every once in a while an unexpected contact turns into something really great.  A few months ago, a customer from Vancouver, called us complementing our apparel he bought from our web store.  He told us, that for a hobby, he builds and restores custom motorcycles and cars.  Bob, aka Sluggo, offered to do a photo shoot for us using his vehicles and the many friends he has in Vancouver for free.  Seems Bob is a well-known car / motorcycle guy and knows pin up models, photographers and everybody with a cool ride in British Columbia.  Being from New York City area, over the years I have developed a thick skin and I am a little skeptical of offers that sound too good to be true.


Business is always about taking chances, so I sent Bob up some free apparel for the models and waited to see what happens.  Worse that can happen is I am out of a couple of hundred bucks.  Happy to report Bob was the real deal and organized a great photo shoot with some amazing pictures.  We agreed to do it again, with me flying out, and do on a bigger scale.


Fast forward to last weekend.  I left New York, Friday afternoon and flew to Abbotsford, B.C.  A small airport, an hour from downtown Vancouver.  Hit the hotel bed at 1am, Vancouver time, 4 AM New York time, rudely awakened by a 7;:30 AM wake up call.  Half a sleep in the shower, I met Bob in the hotel lobby for a 8:30 AM start off the day.  First time meeting in person, it was like my brother from another mother.  An easy going, chill, friendly guy.  We headed off for a quick breakfast and a meet up with one of the photographers, Chris.  Chris had to take the car ferry to the mainland for the shoot.  Off we went to the shoot location.  Picked up two of the male models along the way.  The shoot was taking place at an active small airport.  Along the service airport road, a row of garages, housed some of the most amazing vehicles you could imagine.  All friends of Bob’s, all too eager to have their rides used as props.  This is in addition to Bob’s rides.  No shortage of cool vehicles.  The rest of the photographers and models all arrived by 11 AM as agreed upon.  Girl after girl showing up with suitcases full of shoes and lingerie.  In addition to the girls modeling Lethal Angel apparel, they were all too eager to do pin-up shots for an upcoming series of Lethal Threat Pin Up Girl Garage banners we are releasing.


The whole shoot took place outside in freezing temperatures and on and off rain all day.  At the end of the day a rainbow appeared.  A perfect ending to a perfect day.  Regardless of the weather all involved had a good time.  True professionals, that did whatever was needed to get the shot needed.  All with great attitudes and really down to earth people.  A TV crew was there to capture the fun, to be featured in upcoming TV Car/ Motorcycle show featuring Bob.  Let’s see if my camera time survives editing.  We wrapped up everything around 6 PM.  Long day, but all had a good time, everybody is up to do it again, and Summer time seems like a better time of the year.

Had a quick dinner with Bob, securing our waitress for our next shoot.  Back to the hotel around 10 PM and up for a 5AM flight back to JFK airport.  I quick in and out trip, met some amazing people and got some awesome pictures.  A day I won’t forget and a place I will be sure to come back to.

Special thanks to Robert Lund (Sluggo), Ashley Young, Chris Thibert ( Pacific Rides), Miss Keely Marie, Lily Rae, Lina Ventresca, Cole Brown, Grizzy Wynter, Roberto Lanzas, Julia Seger, Kelsey Boileau and the rest of the crew.


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  • Kelsey Boileau

    Glad you had a great time with us Terry, was awesome meeting you and the clothes are drool worthy

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