USA Flag Feathers Eagle Attack Decal

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U.S. Flag Feathers Eagle Attack Decal

Buy and apply a fierce-looking, easy Peel 'n Stick U.S. Flag-Feathered Attacking Eagle Decal to pretty much any hard surface you care to adorn with our hyper-patriotic big-clawed flying predator. Stick these decals - featuring original kick-ass artwork - on dry and clean surfaces to display your pride in flag and country. Once you've positioned your decal where you want it, rub it from the center, working out toward the edges to remove any unwanted air bubbles. Apply it to glass, fiberglass, plastic, metals, wood or any smooth, clean surface.

So, what in the hell are you waiting for? Get your hands on a ferocious, U.S.-made eagle decal right now!

 - Easy Peel 'n Stick Application, no soapy water required. The surface must be dry and clean. Once stuck on desired location, rub from the center out to remove any air bubbles. Once decal is applied, it can only remove by peeling off with a fingernail.

- Killer artwork from Lethal Threat, offering the largest selection of decals on the planet

- Screen printed with fade-resistant inks for outdoor use

- Printed on clear vinyl

- Die-cut to the exact shape of the design

- Made in the U.S.

- Main decal size is 5.5 inches wide x 6.75 inches tall

- Contains two eagle decals

- Apply to glass, fiberglass, plastic, metals, wood: any smooth, clean surface

- We offer no guarantee of your results if you clear coat over our stickers

 - All our designs are copyrighted and registered with the United States Copyright Office. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. Infringers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the copyright law and trademark infringement.