Skull Rip Series

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SB37719 - Skull Rip Series

You know that feeling when your excitement for something makes you want to rip right through the wall? So does the skeleton featured in these skull rip series sticker packs. The high-quality decals feature phenomenal artwork of a skull ripping his way into view. Whether he's doing it from excitement, curiosity or just plain necessity is up to you to decide.

The sticker set here includes two different views of the ripper skull, one from the side and the other featuring a full-frontal assault. You get two sets of each. Like all the decals in our shop, the Skull Rip sticker showcases amazing detail and a one-of-a-kind design. No, you can't get these motorcycle stickers anywhere else on earth.

Bikers love our stickers, but so do the hot rod, kustom kulture, heavy metal, rock 'n' roll and tattoo crowds. One look at this creative decal and you'll see why. Order your Skull Rip series sticker pack today.


- Comes with two decal sheets, 11in x 6in

- Kit contains 4 individual stickers

- Easy peel n stick application

- Screen Printed on weather resistant clear vinyl material 

- Die cut to the exact shape of the design