Nose Art 1950s Pin Up Girl Decal

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Nose Art 1950"s Pin Up Girl Decal

Go ahead and order our 1950s Nose Art Pin-Up Girl Decal, then stick this lovely lady to the nose of your plane, onto your motorcycle or any other spot where you can give her the prominence she deserves.

This sticker features artwork created and trademarked by Lethal Threat Designs. The decal has been screen printed for an outdoor lifespan of five years, and it is 6 inches x 8 inches in the packaging.

The idea here is to appreciate the stunning artwork that brings this scantily-dressed-in-red voluptuous decal gal to life. Traditionally, "nose art" would go on the fuselage of aircraft to remind flyboys of what's waiting for them back home. But you can enjoy this 1950s pin-up girl decal - featuring art created and trademarked by Lethal Threat Designs - whenever or wherever you please.

- Killer artwork from Lethal Threat, the largest selection of decals on the planet

- Printed on clear vinyl

- Die cut to the exact shape of the design

- Made in the USA

- Main decal size is 4.5 inches wide x 6.75 inches tall

- Contains three stickers

- Apply to glass, fiberglass, plastic, metals, wood:  any smooth clean surface

- Screen printed for a five-year outdoor lifespan

- Decal size: 6 inches x 8 inches (inside packaging)

- Designed in the U.S.

- All our designs are copyrighted and registered with the United States Copyright Office.  Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.  Infringers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the copyright law and trademark infringement.