Black Bandana Skull Embroidered Patch

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Product Number: LT30223

Black Bandana Skull Embroidered Patch

You have tons of ways to show off your rebellious nature, and this black bandana skull patch is one of them. This large motorcycle patch lets you showcase your rebel nature without you having to do a thing.

Well, you do have to do one thing. Attach it to your jacket. As with all our embroidered patches, this guy comes with two attachment options. Iron him onto your denim or sew him onto your leather jacket or vest. Either way, you'll have an eye-catching patch with intricate details and amazing colors that stick around for the long haul.

The embroidered details on our black bandana skull patch are particularly show-stopping. Deep-seated skull eyes peer out from beneath a motorcycle helmet and above a snazzy bandana. Crossbones crafted into wrenches frame the face with just the right gearhead style. Get your large skull patch today.

Patch size: 11.00 inches wide x 11.50inches tall:  27.94cm x 29.21cm

Laser cut to the shape of the design

Highly detailed embroidery, over three hours of embroidery machine time goes into this patch

Black felt backing fabric

Sewer friendly patch border for sew on application to leather

Heat seal glue backing for iron-on application for denim or cotton

Apply to jackets, vests, backpacks, car seat covers, saddle bags, etc.

Sew on application is always recommended over iron on application