Alien Couple Decal

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Product Number: LT88073

Created by the comic book artist George Webber,  this alien couple can only come from his demented mind.  Kustom Kukture lives on with this limited edition decal.

 - Easy Peel n Stick Application,  no soapy water required,  surface must be dry and clean.     Once stuck on desired location, rub from the center out to remove any air-bubbles.     Once decal is applied can only remove by peeling off with a finger nail.

- Killer artwork from Lethal Threat, the largest selection of decals on the planet

- Screen printed with fade resistant inks for outdoor use

- Printed on clear vinyl

- Die cut to the exact shape of the design

- Made in the USA

- Decal size varies, but average size is 2.5inches wide x 6.50 inches tall 

- Contains four individual decals

- Apply to glass, fiberglass, plastic, metals, wood:  any smooth clean surface

- No guarantee of your results if you clear coat over our decals