NEW Native American Patches

Power. Connection. Tradition. Strength. These are aspects you'll find the Native American culture as well as in our Native American patches. These embroidered patches feature some of the most stunning designs ever - even if we say so ourselves - and that's because of the inspiration behind it.

Headdresses, dreamcatchers, arrowheads, feathers and howling wolves are some of the designs you'll find in this eye-catching biker patch collection. And while we may call them biker patches, it's not just bikers that can totally rock these embroidered patches. Hot rodders, the kustom kulture crowd and rock 'n' and rollers can do it too.

Embroidered Native American Patches

Rocking our embroidered Native American patches isn't tough, thanks to their top-notch quality. Brilliant colors and high thread counts make each design a work of art, with each patch demanding three hours of embroidery machine time just to create.

The backs of the patches are strengthened with a durable black felt fabric, ensuring they last for the long haul. You also get two choices when it comes to attaching them. A thick black border around the artwork gives you plenty of room to sew, for attachment to your leather jacket or vest. You'll also find a heat-seal glue on the back, with premium adhesive for ironing the patches on to cotton or denim.

Native American Patches for Making a Statement

Heritage is a big deal, especially when its one as impressive as the Native American culture. Our embroidered Native American patches pay tribute to the warriors, the traditions, the connection to the earth and the wildlife that make up the fabric of this unique culture. Now it's your turn to honor it in a way that makes a tremendous statement. Browse the selection. Pick your favorites. Then order your embroidered Native American patches today.