NEW Horror Patches

Who doesn't need a bit of terror in their life? You'll get it, big time, with our savage collection of horror patches. These embroidered patches showcase some of the most magnificent fear-inducing imagery, all done up with optimum quality and style.

A favorite of the kustom kulture crowd, our horror patches are also ready to make a can't-miss statement for bikers, hot rodders and rock and rollers. You'll find a selection of designs that range from skulls to zombies, with other cool creatures in between.

Embroidered Horror Patches

These aren't your average embroidered patches. They're high-quality, high-thread-count masterpieces designed to stand up to whatever you end up throwing their way.

Each patch takes three hours of machine embroidery time to make, and that's just what's on the front. The patches are backed by a durable black felt fabric, along with premium adhesive that sticks like, well, glue. That's because it is glue. A heat-seal glue that lets you iron them on denim or cotton. A wide black border gives you the option of sewing them on leather. Whatever attachment method you pick, you'll be picking one hell of a patch. Guaranteed.

Horror Patches Catch Attention

It's also guaranteed that you'll stand far apart from the rest of the crowd. These horror patches mean your pals can spot you a mile away at the garage, the bar or other hangout. They might even draw some ladies your way. Your fearlessness can be sexy, you know.

What we do know is you'll be making a statement that can't be ignored. Whether you sport the patch on your front, back, bag, backpack or other gear, you'll be saying something loud and clear. Terror absolutely rocks. Get a whole set of embroidered horror patches today.