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American Trucker Printed Work Shirt / Shop Shirt
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American Trucker Printed Work Shirt / Shop Shirt
American Trucker Printed Work Shirt / Shop Shirt
Go ahead and order a few of our retro mechanic work shirts and motorcycle mechanic shirts and get to work. Don't worry, you'll still look like the badass you truly are while on the job.

Working Designs

Yep, you have work to do. We all do (unless you won the lottery or something). But you can look really cool while doing it by wearing one of our mechanic work shirts. Choose from embroidered work shirts or printed work shirts sporting the outstanding artwork our company is famous for.

Find the most eye-catching designs around right here. These designs look awesome, of course, but also have a humorous edge to them that will get you noticed without even trying.

Go for one of our devilishly enchanting skull or skeleton shirts - with options that include stars 'n' stripes, skull 'n' bones, as well as an "evil" twin engine. Pinup work shirts are always a hit too, as are our pinstripe eyeball, shifter monster and "No Regrets Speed Shop" shirts.

The mottos on our shirts tend to make them even more of a hit. Enjoy catching sayings like "Shift Happens", "Too Loud, Too Bad" or a drunk skeleton holding up a booze bottle with the motto "The Only Therapy Needed" emblazed above and below his bones.

Embroidered Retro Mechanic Shirts

Our embroidered work shirts and retro mechanic shirts feature full-back embroidery, as well as additional artwork along the sleeve and shirt front. You won't be getting a sucky stuck-on-patch shirt here either. You'll be getting custom designs embroidered directly onto the fabric. Each shirt is made to order especially for you. The quality screen printed artwork on our work shirts is eye-catching, with stellar designs and a splash of art on the front of the shirt, plus the sleeve.

Comfortable Mechanic Shirts

Our mechanic work shirts all come with a poly/cotton blend offering optimum comfort. These kickass retro mechanic work shirts let you move and groove about with ease.

Sizes are cut roomy, which means you should order a size down if you want a more form-fitting look. Additional perks include Lethal Threat buttons, our logo on the neck, plus two tough front pockets to stash your tools in. Browse through our awesome selection of motorcycle mechanic shirts now and order yours today.